Real Presents
2-sided screen print

*The ghost becomes flesh,
finds meaning in surroundings.
Flesh dies, ghost returns.*

Real Presents is a 2-sided silkscreen printed by Mark Rice and published/distributed via Mr. Distro - a newspaper vending machine outside of Pressure Club gallery in Philadelphia, PA. The title refers to the phenomenon of “real presence” from Christian theology, where it is believed that the actual manifestation of Christ is in the bread and wine of the eucharist. In this work, the ephemera of consumerism (CVS coupons and Bed, Bath, and Beyond mailers) is reanimated to point us towards a relationship with the divine, and recirculated to the public. copy_v2.jpg copy_v2.jpg copy_v2.jpg copy_v2.jpg 9_v2.jpg 7_v2.jpg copy_v2.jpg 4_v2.jpg 3_v2.jpg