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For Universal Free Distribution
2022 - ongoing
Laser Engraved Woodcut on Mulberry Paper
10.5" x 12.25"

The Diamond Sutra is among the earliest printed texts on record (the earliest containing a production date). Printed 868 CE as a woodblock on Mulberry paper, this Mahāyāna Buddhist text gets its name from the power of the diamond to cut through illusions to get to ultimate reality. Not coincidentally it also contains the first known public-domain dedication reading “for universal free distribution.”

This work, titled after this public-domain dedication is a laser engraved woodcut also printed on mulberry paper. Picturing an iphone 11 with the Wikipedia page for the Diamond Sutra, this work is a meditation on contemporary access to information, technology, and the illusions of life in the year 2022. This print is unsigned, editioned as ♾/♾ and sold for $50 a pair (so you can give one to someone close). Using mobile technology as both the subject and device for distribution, this work creates a perpetually oscillating relationship between the physical print and the digital image for an ever-expanding audience.

DM @cooperholo on Instagram or email cooperholoweski(at) with subject "For Universal" to purchase.
*please note prints are hand-printed and vary in wood grain and saturation of image

Download laser engraving files here to make your own woodblock of this image for printing.